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How we should go about accomplishing our vision, mission, and purpose statements? Does the Bible have anything to say not just about what the church should do but how it should go about it? Does the Bible say anything about how to minister to people, how to proclaim the gospel, how to grow and mature  ogether in Christ? Yes, it does! The methods of doing so are often termed the ordinary means of grace. They are the ways God has given to us, the biblical means to biblical ends. They include the preaching of God’s Word, prayer, the sacraments, and fellowship. We don’t need to find new ways to do church; God has ordained the means of gathering and perfecting the saints. The Bible forms the basis of how we should go about ministry as a church; we have distilled this into eight objectives which form the basis of our strategic plan.

Given our purpose, mission, and vision, informed by our values and distinctives, and guided by the Word of God, The Rock will, by the grace of God, endeavor to do the following:

  1. To corporately worship God in a Biblical manner, with excellence and integrity, with worship that is reverent and uplifting, including Kingdom-oriented prayer, music, and the sacraments, and to encourage personal and family worship.
  2. To provide sound, relevant, and excellent teaching through the expository preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of God, in accord with our doctrinal standards.
  3. To provide a comprehensive and complete Christian education and discipleship program for adults, children and youth that provides the knowledge and training necessary to be a mature, fully developed disciple of Christ.
  4. To disciple, edify, and equip people to be leaders in the church and in the world, able to disciple others and to utilize their spiritual gifts and abilities in service to the church and to the Lord.
  5. To integrate all members at all ages into the spiritual life and nurture of the church through smaller group Bible studies, fellowship groups, and events as well as church-wide functions.
  6. To provide an effective program of spiritual care and accountability for the members and families in the congregation.
  7. To serve our church family and community through acts of compassion, mercy and service.
  8. To proclaim the gospel, individually and corporately, to our community and to advance the work of the gospel locally and around the world.