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The elders and deacons are men called by God to shepherd, lead, and serve his church and to work alongside the congregation in the various ministries of the church. Elders, which consist of teaching elders and ruling elders, are the overseers of the church and primarily teach, shepherd, and provide spirtual leadership of the church. We are a presbyterian church, and the word presbyterian means ruled by elders. Deacons serve the church by overseeing and managing the affairs of the church and the ministries of mercy and service, both to our congregation and to the surrounding community. The men who serve in these two ordained offices are nominated, trained, examined, and elected by the congregation to serve, and ultimately are called by God to this office. They are positions of authority and spiritual leadership, and men must meet the qualifications of Scripture as found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

We hold annual nominations in the fall for elders and deacons. If you would like more information, please see articles in our Resources section or talk with one of the elders or deacons.

The congregation is divided into shepherding groups; each family has a primary elder and deacon who prays for them regularly. While we encourage members to have a relationship with all the elders and deacons, we also want every member to be shephered, cared and prayed for, and to have an elder and deacon they can go to when needs arise.

The following men currently serve as elders and deacons. Please pray for them and their families.

Teaching and Ruling Elders (The Session)

  • Pastor John Stovall
  • Martin Clark
  • Patrick Pulliam
  • Ed Salter
  • Scott Schnarr
  • Jim White (Clerk)


  • Eric Johnson