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Christianity is a corporate affair; life, in fact, is about relationships. We were created in the image of God, and God by his very nature is in relationship with himself. In the Trinity, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are in perfect love, communion, and fellowship with one another. Men and women were created for relationships, with God and with one another. God has chosen to use us in salvation to proclaim the gospel to one another, and in our sanctification, comfort, and growth in grace, as we love, serve, and minister to one another, bearing one another’s burdens, and encouraging one another while it is still day.

The Bible, especially the New Testament, speaks a great deal about the “communion of the saints” and how we are to relate to and care for one another. (It is especially fruitful to do a Bible study on all the “one another” passages in the New Testament). We are the body of Christ and all members of the same body. We are a family. We are one because we share in the same Spirit, faith, and baptism (Ephesians 4: ).

Most of the development of true Christian community is organic; it happens naturally as we all grow together in Christ and relate to one another. However, there are ways to further the development of our relationships with one another. The goal of our Fellowship Ministry is to provide opportunities for fellowship with one another, to encourage and foster deeper relationships with one another across all ages and life stages in the church, and to provide teaching and resources on the nature of Christian fellowship and community.

Corporate Worship

Worship is our primary time of fellowship together. By this we mean the actual worship service, not the conversations before and after the service, though these are wonderful as well. In corporate worship, we actually grow together as the body of Christ, doing that for which we were created. We confess our faith and our sins together. We praise God together. We encourage one another as we sing. We read and hear God’s Word preached together. While we may not communicate personally with one another, in worship we all communicate together with one another and with the Lord.

Discipleship Opportunities

We also have opportunity to grow together and to fellowship with one another in a variety of settings such as Adult Sunday School, Bible Studies, prayer meetings, and other such events.

Ministry Opportunities

One of the benefits to ministering together in Christ’s name is that we get to do it together. As we perform acts of mercy and service, for one another and for the community, or go on mission trips together, we get to really spend time together, building relationships and encouraging one another in the Lord.

Fellowship Lunches

Almost every month we have a fellowship lunch one Sunday after the worship service. We gather together downstairs for a pot-luck lunch and time of fellowship with one another.

First Sunday Fellowship

The first Sunday of the month we finish Sunday School early and gather together downstairs before worship for fellowship and refreshments. This event has become a favorite, especially among our children (probably due to the refreshments), but is enjoyed by all of us.

Annual Church Picnic

Every fall we gather together in a local park and pavilion on a Saturday for a picnic and great time together. We play sports, have fun on the playground, play in an inflatable castle, talk and fellowship and have all sorts of fun together.

Special Events

Throughout the year we have a number of special events, such as Reformation Day Celebration, Easter Breakfast, and other events that serve both ministry as well as fellowship purposes. These events can be found on our church calendar.