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The vision of the family discipleship ministry is for God-glorifying, Christ-exalting homes and family lives where husbands and wives biblically and joyfully live and serve one another and raise up a generation of children who themselves become men and women committed to Christ-exalting lives and the raising up of further generations for the glory of God and the preeminence of Christ in all things.

Marriage Ministry

The foundation of God-glorifying, Christ-exalting families, parenting and child-rearing is the marriage relationship. This is the most fundamental of human relationships and is designed by God to display the glory of God in the relationship between Christ and his church, for the joy of his people, and the raising up of generations of godly children. Our goal is to encourage and to equip husbands and wives in having strong, biblically-grounded marriages that display the glory of God in the home, church, and community, unbreakable bonds for the glory of Christ.

Parenting & Child Training

Parents have the awesome responsibility of training, disciplining, teaching and instructing their children in the Lord. Parents are to disciple their children, teaching them all that Christ has commanded. God’s vision for families is not just that parents would pass on the faith to their children, but that their children’s children and beyond, would lead God-glorifying, Christ-exalting lives. God’s vision for parents and families is multi-generational. Our responsibility as a church is to come alongside parents in this awesome responsibility, to provide instruction, encouragement, equipping and shepherding in partnership with parents, so that the next generation would set their hope in God.

Family Worship

Family worship is central to family discipleship. Family worship is central to family discipleship. Besides attending worship services, perhaps no other spiritual discipline is more fruitful (and more neglected) than family devotional time. Family worship is not merely a means of child training or parenting or marriage strengthening; it is a family event which the Lord blesses in a multitude of ways, which is why it is its own section of our family discipleship ministry. Long a well-known and generally practiced spiritual discipline since the time of the Reformation, it has fallen on hard times in our modern era, although it is making a comeback. Our goal is to do everything we can to teach, encourage, and equip families in this essential practice.


Caring for our youngest covenant children is our privilege and our joy. While our goal as a church is for children to fully participate in the worship services at the earliest age possible, we understand that this is not always possible or practical at an early age. Our nursery ministry provides care and age-appropriate instruction to infants and children up to their fourth birthday. As part of our covenantal responsibilities, adults and youth in the church pray for, teach, and care for these precious gifts from God.

Children’s Ministries

As parents, we would have no greater joy than to see our children walking with the Lord. Our church’s vision for families and children is that families would see generations growing up, setting their hope in God, and living God-glorifying, Christ-exalting lives. Our children’s ministries partner with parents in this mission, providing age-appropriate teaching and fellowship opportunities and integrating children into the overall life and ministry of the church so that they would at an early age trust in and treasure Christ and grow in faith and in grace as disciples of Christ, knowing God and more fully living for his glory.

Youth Ministries

Adolescence is an exciting time and opportunity for youth and parents alike. Children begin to embrace the faith as their own and to express it in their own unique way as independence grows. We believe that adolescence is not a waiting period but a time for youth to glorify God and to serve him in their own way, even as they grow in their faith. The goal of our youth ministries is to provide teaching and instruction for youth and their parents in the unique issues and opportunities they face, fellowship and service opportunities for youth, integration into the overall life and ministry of the church, and preparation for living independently as disciples of Christ, all in partnership with parents.