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Corporate Worship

Gathered corporate worship that is centered on God’s Word is the primary means of growth for the Christian. We encourage everyone first and foremost to regularly and faithfully attend to the means of grace in both morning and evening worship on the Lord’s Day.

Adult Sunday School

The purpose of Adult Sunday School is to provide in-depth teaching and training on a variety of topics so that we grow and learn as we mature together in Christ. Topics taught fall into a broad range of topics, including: Bible, theology, church history, doctrine, evangelism, missions, church, body life, culture, apologetics, and a wide spectrum of applications of the Word of God to the Christian life, such as marriage, finances and stewardship, parenting, relationships and conflict resolution.

Classes are taught on a quarterly basis. Schedules and more information can be picked up in our lobby.

Membership Class

We believe that church membership is a vital part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. God’s Word calls all Christians, if possible, to join with a local body of Christ for worship and fellowship, and also for leadership, shepherding, encouragement, and accountability. The church is God’s appointed means of gathering and perfecting his people, and the Biblical pattern seen throughout the New Testament is for Christians to submit themselves to the local body of Christ. Agreement with all of our doctrinal beliefs is not a requirement of membership at The Rock; members simply have to have a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ. We offer a membership class on a regular basis for prospective members so that we can get to know one another and to learn more about our church. See our membership page for more information.

Scripture Memory Program

One of the best ways to grow as a Christian is to memorize God’s Word. It is extremely profitable for both children and adults. We offer a number of resources for Scripture memory, and together as a church memorize verses from the Fighter Verses program. We also use a set of simpler verses for preschool children. More information can be found on our program can be found here.

Catechism Memory Program

A classic means of training children in the faith is through the teaching and memorization of a catechism. It is also helpful for adults as well. For preschoolers, we use a children’s catechism, and for school-age children and adults we use the Westminster Shorter Catechism. We have developed a two-year calendar for each to facilitate memorization and review. Please see our catechism page for more information.

Men of the Covenant

We have a vibrant men’s ministry, calling, equipping, and training our men and sons to be sacrificial leaders and followers of Christ. See our men’s ministry page for more.

Women of the Word

Our women’s ministries encourage and equip women to know and to follow Jesus Christ in every area and sphere of life and to use their gifts and graces to serve other women and the whole body of Christ. See our women’s ministry page for more information.