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The Exhortation of the Lord’s Supper

Continuing our way through Thomas Watson’s The Lord’s Supper.

Use 3 [of this doctrine of the sacrament]. The third use is of exhortation, and it hath several branches.

1. Was Christ’s precious body broken for us? Let us be affected with the great goodness of Christ. Who can tread upon these hot coals, and his heart not bum? Cry out with Ignatius, Christ, my love, is crucified. If a friend should die for us, would not our hearts be much affected with his kindness? That the God of heaven should die for us, how should this stupendous mercy have a melting influence upon us! The body of Christ broken, is enough to break the most flinty heart. At our Saviour’s passion, the very stones did cleave asunder: “The rocks rent,” Matt. 27:51. He that is not affected with this, hath a heart harder than the stones. If Saul was so affected with David’s mercy in sparing his life, 1 Sam. 24:16, how may we be affected with Christ’s kindness, who to spare our life, lost his own! Let us pray, that as Christ was crucifixus, so he may be cordi-fixus, that is, as he was fastened to the cross, so he may be fastened to our hearts.

2. Is Jesus Christ spiritually exhibited to us in the sacrament? Let us then set a high value and estimate upon him.

(1.) Let us prize Christ’s body. Every crumb of this Bread of life is precious; “My flesh is meat indeed,” John 6:55. The manna was a lively type and emblem of Christ’s body: manna was sweet. “The taste of it was like wafers made with honey,” Exod. 16:31, it was a delicious food; therefore it was called angel’s food, for its excellency. So Christ the sacramental manna, is sweet to a believer’s soul. “His fruit was sweet to my taste,” Cant. 2:3. Every thing of Christ is sweet. His name is sweet, his virtue sweet. This manna sweetens the waters of Marah.
Nay, Christ’s flesh excels manna. Manna was food, but not medicine. If an Israelite had been sick, manna could not have cured him; hut this blessed manna of Christ’s body, is not only for food, but for medicine. Christ hath healing under his wings, Mal.4:2. He heals the blind eye, the hard heart. Take this medicine next your heart, and it will heal you of all your spiritual distempers. Also manna was corruptible : it ceased when Israel came to Canaan. But this blessed manna of Christ’s body will never cease. The saints shall feed, with infinite delight and souI satisfaction, upon Christ to all eternity. The joys of heaven would cease, if this manna should cease. The manna was put in a golden pot in the ark, to be preserved there. So the blessed manna of Christ’s body being put in the golden pot of the Divine nature, is laid up in the ark of heaven, for the support of saints for ever. Well then may we say of Christ’s blessed body, it is meat indeed. The field of Christ’s body being digged upon the cross, we find the pearl of salvation there.

Next , let us prize Christ’s blood in the sacrament.

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