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The word library is a noun. It is defined as “a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other materials for reading, viewing, listening, study or reference, as a room, set of rooms…where books may be read or borrowed.” I wish to expand that definition. Our library is ONE OF OUR BEST KEPT SECRETS. We have a room set aside in our church that has as shelves that are almost at capacity with Christian and Reformed literature. We have Bibles, commentaries, word studies, family devotional books, books on reformed theology, and books by Reformed men of the faith.  Yes, we have books by the modern writers of our day like Piper, Sproul, and Phillips. We have books that deal with history, ethics, marriage, parenting, and education.  Interested in a devotional book? There are also tapes, CD’s and DVD’s. You will also find books of inspiration.  Do your children or youth like to read, then check out our worn out section of this literature.
Our library has many books to assist you in your Christian faith.

Did you know that you may donate a book to our library in honor or in memory of someone? All books and materials that are place in our library are approved by The Session.  If you wish to donate a book or books it would be best if you ask for the book(s) to be approved before purchasing.

NEEDS: Our greatest need is for PRESCHOOL, CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT books. This section of our library contains many old and worn out books that most of our children have reads over and over again.

BOOK TABLE: In addition to our library, we have a Book Table that is located in the foyer.  You will find free materials on the table as well as books for just $1.00 donation or $5.00 donation.  The donation is less than the cost of the materials.  It is our hope that you will take advantage of reading all he Reformed Literature that is available to you through this ministry of our church.

Ed Salter
Ruling Elder

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