Choosing Church Officers (Part II)

            Last week we looked at what our Godly forefathers wrote concerning the office of elder and what kind of man we should choose to this “ordinary and perpetual” office instituted by Christ Jesus. It is critical that we learn what God has to say about the men who are to lead us so that we [...]

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Choosing Church Officers (Part I)

We are approaching a time in the life of this local body of Christ when we nominate men to the two offices Christ has established in His Church. Godly men before us have given us a constitution based upon sound Biblical principles by which we are to govern. Our forefathers have prayerfully, carefully, and thoughtfully drafted this [...]

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The Sabbath: A Day of Delight (Part I)

            It is not uncommon these days to hear men coming before the floor of presbytery claiming to have differences with the Westminster Confession of Faith, particularly in regards to the Sabbath. Sadly all of the arguments I’ve heard have been rather selfish! Men frequently opine, “I disagree with the Confession because I like to play with [...]

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Corporate Prayer Meetings

In a letter directing a woman to Psalm 29, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, pastor of St. Peter’s Church in Dundee, Scotland during the mid 1800s, wrote: “Live near to God, and all things will appear little to you in comparison with eternal realities.” These words are a reminder that drawing near to God is the highest and [...]

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Prophetesses in the Bible

A couple of weeks ago we came to a passage in the book of Luke during the morning worship service that included a somewhat controversial issue. Hopefully you remember in Luke 2:36-38 we learned about the prophetess Anna. Due to controversy swirling overhead concerning the role of women in the church and the relationship between men and [...]

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PCA General Assembly 2008

This is the first issue of what I’m calling the “Pastor’s Perspective”, which is simply a letter from your pastor about various topics I hope will edify and equip you in your walk with Christ Jesus. My desire is that you grow in your love for the Lord and also that you get to know your [...]

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